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The Savvy Natural’s Wash Day Guide

“Washing your natural hair doesn’t have to be a daunting task…”
–The Natural Cole

Should you co-wash or use shampoo?

Does it feel like detangling your hair takes hours and hours?

Are you drying your hair out because you’re washing it too often?

Is deep conditioning really necessary?

Discover 6 tips, videos and more to help give you happy, confident curls on wash day! Register for your free Savvy Natural’s Wash Day Guide by putting in your information below!





I’m so glad I attended The Natural Cole How-To Workshop. I learned how to care for my natural hair properly, and now I’m able to pass that knowledge down to my daughter.



I’ve always wanted to wear crochet braids but I didn’t know how until I attended The Natural Cole How-To Workshop. Knowing how to cornrow saves me time and money.



After I had my baby I experienced shedding, and my curls seem dull, but I also understood that hair loss happens after having a baby. I took The Natural Cole’s suggestion and did a protein treatment to restore the pH balance, and now my hair has life, and my curls look fantastic!